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Manual Osteopathy

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Manual Osteopathy

What is Manual Osteopathy?

Manual osteopathy is a practice that helps the body regains its original healthy function using a non-invasive method. Our body has the ability to heal and control itself, but due to incorrect posture, trauma, childbirth, aging, and stress, its healing ability is limited, resulting in disease and pain. Manual osteopathy practitioner comprehensively diagnoses where restricted areas are in the patient’s musculoskeletal and soft tissues through osteopathic palpation and mobility tests. Then, by using techniques such as joint mobilization, muscle energy technique, and visceral manipulation, the body’s stress and tension are lowered to facilitate the good flow of blood, lymph and nerves. This creates a turning point where the body’s self-healing ability can be revived.

What it is good for:

– Chronic pain (headache, neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, wrists, ankles, etc.)

– Nerve entrapment problems (Sciatica, Tingling hands and feet, etc.)

– Digestive system problems (indigestion, bloating after eating, etc.)

– Gynecological problems (problems with the pelvis and surrounding organs etc.)

– Chronic tension, chronic fatigue, chronic stress, etc.

The insurance companies listed below may cover my osteopathic treatment. Please contact with your insurance company for coverage.

  1. Benecaid
  2. Cinup
  3. Cooperators
  4. Desjardins
  5. Empire Life
  6. Greenshield
  7. Manion
  8. Manulife
  9. Nextgen
  10. RBC
  11. Sunlife
  12. SSQ
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