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Moxibustion & Cupping

Boost Your Immunity and
Change Your Constitution

Along with acupuncture, moxibustion has a history of over 2500 years as a representative traditional medicine and is still used as a major health care tool in East Asia.

Moxa uses the same energy points used in acupuncture, but the stimulation differs in that it is a chemical and thermal stimulation obtained by burning an herbal substance called mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris, moxa).

Moxa has the effect of adjusting or restoring various functions of our body. This is especially due to histotoxin, a type of heterologous protein that occurs due to small burns when moxibustion is performed directly on the skin. Since this histotoxin gives chemical stimulation to each tissue in the living body, it has been studied that the body’s adjustment or recovery reaction appears.

​Dry cupping is a complementary healing modality rooted in traditional Chinese medicine. Proponents of this modality say cupping can treat pain and restore order in the body by unblocking disturbances in the circulation, energy channels and pathways of the body.

Wet cupping is a variation of the procedure where prior to the cup being placed, your skin is punctured and blood is drawn out in the suction process. There is also a variation where the dry cupping technique is done before puncturing your skin for wet cupping.

The effects are;

• Revitalizes cell movement   

• Effective for pain relief   

• improves blood circulation   

• Improve your constitution

• Facilitates the functioning of nerves and internal organs (due to internal organ-body surface reflex)

• Improves blood composition (increased red blood cells; white blood cells; immune substances, hemostasis, prevents acidification of blood)

• Changes hormone secretion (especially adrenal hormones)

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