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Equilibrium Acupuncture and Herbs Wellness Centre

Because your body deserves to be healthy.

Body and Brain Class

Body and Brain Yoga Class

Body & Brain
Yoga and Tai Chi
(1h weekly class)

Develop your Strength, Flexibility, Breathing, and Energy

After a short set of warm-up exercises, you’ll get into meridian stretching and Tai Chi which improves circulation, strength, and flexibility, and relax the mind followed by core strengthening or breathing postures to accumulate energy. Then you’ll be guided in the practice of energy meditation (called jigam, meaning ‘to quiet the mind’) and a few cool-down exercises.

Unique Body & Brain ​Breath work is an essential element of all Body & Brain classes. By managing your breath, you can accumulate energy, stimulate your body’s natural ability to restore and recharge, and increase your powers of concentration and awareness. The benefits of breathwork will extend beyond the classroom to help improve your day and even how you sleep at night.

What is Tai Chi all about? Tai Chi refers to the natural balance of life energy. Since ancient times, people have noticed that Nature tends to find balance, and they’ve developed methods to tap into this natural energy phenomenon. We can say that many energy practices, like Qigong and various healing martial arts, are forms of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi exercises emphasize energy circulation, breathing, and balance, along with mindfulness and concentration. You can practice these exercises while standing, seated, or even while lying down. Over time, by practicing Tai Chi you can develop a heightened awareness of your own energy. Many people report feeling physically stronger and lighter, with emotions calmer and mind more clear.


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